Bowls made from Gauge Bandage


These bowl are made from gauge bandage which – piece by piece – is dipped in water and then wrapped around the outside of an ordinary bowl using this as a “mould”. When dry, remove from the “mould” and paint with Plus Color Craft paint.

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1.   Turn the bowl - which you have chosen as your “mould” - upside down and cover it with cling film. Smooth out the cling film as best as you can. Make sure to pull the ends of the cling film well inside of the bowl.
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2.   Cut the gauze bandages into small pieces.
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3.   Pour water into a shallow dish. Soak one piece of gauze bandage at a time in the dish and cover the bottom and the sides of the bowl which is covered with cling film.
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4.   Smooth out the plaster along the way, so all the holes in the gauze bandage become invisible. Continue this process until the entire bowl is wrapped. Add another two layers of gauze bandage on the bowl, so that it has a total of three layers. Leave it to dry.
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5.   When the plaster is completely dry, carefully remove the plaster bowl from the “mould”. You may trim the edge for threads.
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6.   Paint the inside and along the edge of the plaster bowl with Plus Color craft paint in a bright colour.
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7.   Paint the outside of the bowl with black Plus Color Craft paint as a contrast to the bright colour inside the bowl. You may place the bowl upside down or hold it in your hand and paint with long vertical brush stokes from the bottom towards the edge for the best result!
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