Earrings with Stone, Resin and Glass Beads


These earrings are ear wires in which beads on eye pins are attached. Respectively, round stone beads, flower-shaped resin beads, and teardrop-shaped faceted blass beads.

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1.   Put a bead on an eye pin and shorten it with side cutters approx. 8mm from the top of the bead. Bend the eye pin backwards, making a loop.
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2.   Make a pendant from three beads on three eye pins: Use round nose pliers for making a loop on the pin, but do not close the loop completely before attaching another eye pin to the loop. Put a bead onto eye pin No. 2.
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3.   Attach another eye pin, put a flower-shaped resin bead onto this eye pin, shorten the eye pin approx. 8mm from the top of the bead. Make a loop on the eye pin with round nose pliers and attach the assembled pendant in the loop on the ear wire.
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