Glass Mosaic set in black Filler in a black-painted wooden Frame


These wooden frames have all been painted with black Plus Color craft paint. The inside base of the frame is then decorated with glass mosaic fragments accoring to your imagination. Apply black filler with a spatula.

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1.   Paint the frame with black Plus Color craft paint and leave it to dry.
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2.   Glue the mosaic fragments inside the base of the frame using Clear Multi Glue Gel, which dries quickly and provides a lasting result.
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3.   Apply black filler over the finished mosaic tiled area using a spatula. Push it well into the grooves between the fragments and scrape off excess filler.
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4.   After 10 minutes, wipe the entire surface of the mosaic tiled area with a damp sponge, until each fragment is clean.
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5.   You may use a piece of kitchen roll or a clean, dry sponge for the final polish before the mosaic tiled area dries completely. NB: it may be necessary to apply more filler if the initial application has shrunk. Follow the same procedure as described above.
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6.   Polish the finished mosaic tiled area with a cloth, dabbed in vinegar in order to remove the last, thin layer of filler.
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