Homemade candles from natural beeswax


Make your own candles by rolling or punching out candles from beeswax sheets with a shape cutter and adding a wick.

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1   Cut a wick for the beeswax candle slightly longer than the short end of the beeswax sheet.
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2   Fold the edge of the beeswax sheet around the wick so that it just covers it. A tip: make sure that the beeswax is at room temperature making it easier to work.
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3   Roll the beeswax sheet until you have reached the end and continue with another beeswax sheet for a thicker candle.
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4   Punch out six stars for the star-shaped candle using your chosen shape cutter. Tap lightly with a hammer if the wax is too hard.
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5   Make a hole in the centre of all the stars using a wooden flower stick or similar. The wick needs to fit through the hole.
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6   Thread all the stars onto a wick as shown in the photo. Important: Place the finished candle on a non-flammable surface.
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